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Your Instructors

Hwaju Daniel Perez

Hwaju Daniel Perez

7th degree Black belt
Active in TKD since 1985
Born 1965

Thomas Perez

Thomas Perez

2nd degree
Active in TKD since 2011
Born in 1998

Nic Perez

Nic Perez

1st degree Black belt
Active in TKD since 2011
Born 2003


We practice the Chang-Hon Pattern system as laid down by the founder of Taekwon-do General Choi Hong Hi. We preserve his legacy as best we can together with millions around the world who practice the same techniques.

Step Sparring

We use pre-arranged sparring specifically designed to understand the logical uses of Taekwon-do techniques in real self defence.


Translated as "Self-Defence" hosinsul is the practice of techniques outside of kicking and striking. Based around Hapkido of the lineage of Dojunim Ji Han Jae, the founder of Hapkido, We use the concept system as laid down by Grandmaster Geoff Booth.


We regularly take teams to competitions using the ITF system of rules which takes us to all the cities around Australia as well as overseas for international competitions. Whilst competition is not compulsory, together with the specific competition classes we hold separately to normal training, it helps hone the skills for self defence extremely well.


Based around pre-arranged sparring and hosinsul, we have extra training for those who wish to perform in demonstrations for promoting our club and supporting local communities.

Social Club

We are group of average people who love doing what we do, and as such we like to get together from time to time and talk about it just a little more, and other things as well 🙂 We have dinners, BBQ's and other social activities.

"I started training with Danny and Tom Perez about 6 months into my Taekwon-do journey and haven’t looked back since."

~ Dominique Taylor

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