With family and work taking up most of your time, it is becoming more and more difficult to take time out for yourself and learn something new.

Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a complete novice, this program will give you a renewed vigour, help increase your fitness and challenge you both mentally and physically.

Our Adult Taekwon-do program provides the opportunity for you to learn real self defence and martial arts in a comfortable but challenging atmosphere. Our curriculum is designed to give you the best and most complete instruction possible, showing you not only the how, but also the why.

Are you Skilled, Confident & Capable of Defending Yourself & Your Family Against an Attacker?

There are many other benefits including:

  • Building strength through a series of tailored pad work and conditioning exercises
  • Increasing cardio fitness to help you go about your day or play with your kids with greater energy
  • Increasing flexibility and
  • Relieving stress in today’s high paced, demanding society

There is no better way to leave your problems at the door and to do something positive for yourself. Student & Adult classes are conducted on a “No Ego” basis and you will be training with people who have similar goals to you.



Come and join us!


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