Dominique Taylor

I started training with Danny and Tom Perez about 6 months into my Taekwondo journey and haven’t looked back since. Danny is passionate about Taekwondo, particularly the practical, self defence aspects. The training is both physically and mentally challenging so it requires discipline and promotes perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit. You can really achieve

Monika Trajanoska

After searching for many months I found that this Taekwondo club is the best in Canberra. It reintroduced me to excellent technique and authenticity – some of the values that I found became lost elsewhere over the years. Also, most things that I found limiting in my previous clubs have been addressed here and have

Eilleen Eugenio

I have studied taekwon-do for several years and found that after I received my first dan black belt, the organisation I was with did not have the capacity to teach me things beyond 1st dan. Taekwondo Canberra changed all that for me. They recognised my rank and have offered me so much support in my

Kyaw Swe Ko

My boy is only 4 now and he is enjoying so much in his class in Belconnen . All the instructors especially Dan really care about the students. Thx for teaching my boy true Taekwon-do, discipline and have fun at the same time.

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