Attack   Defence   Counter
1 High Front Punch

Walking Stance

  Forearm Guard

L Stance

  Stepping front elbow

Walking Stance

Dodging Front Kick

2 Knife-hand Strike

L Stance

  Knife-hand guard

L Stance

  Stepping Upset Punch

Walking Stance

Step away Turning Kick

3 Side Strike with Back-Fist

L Stance

  Double Forearm Block

Walking Stance

  Side Strike with Knife-Hand

Sitting Stance

Low Pressing Side-Kick

Middle Side-Kick

(Consecutive Kick)

4a Low Front Snap Kick (R)   Low Knife-Hand Guard

Right Fixed Stance (Shifting)

  Flying Turning Kick
4b Low Front Snap Kick (L)   Circular Block

Left Walking Stance

  High Turning Kick
5 Middle Side Kick   Upward Palm Block

Rear Foot Stance (Shifting)

  Reverse Turning Kick
6 High Turning Kick   W-Shape Block

Sitting Stance

  180 degree Mid-air Kick

(Two foot take-off)

Blue belts – right side only.

Red belts – both sides

#1 – Front Punch

#1 – Punch, height variation

#2 – Knifehand

#3 – Back fist

#3 – Backfist, variation

#4a & #4b – Front snap kick

#4a & #4b Front kicks, #5 Side kick & #6 Turning kick

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